A lot has changed since 1938, when Virgil and Virginia Cooper founded Cooper Farms.  And while the numbers are larger and the processes are different, the core dedication to family, farm and pride remains the same.

To this day, Cooper Farms is family owned and operated. Cooper Farms believes family transcends genetics, recognizing that every member of their 1,400 person team is a part of the family. Each of these individuals play an integral role in the


success of the company on a day-to-day basis. The Cooper family shows their appreciation and understanding of this through their many benefits programs, including Gainsharing, profit sharing, 401(k) match and so much more, as well as through team member events and recognition programs.The importance of family becomes even more noticeable when looking at the nearly 300 family contract farmers who help to raise Cooper Farms' turkeys, hogs and chickens.  The relationship between these families and Cooper Farms is cooperative, helping the famers support their families and Cooper Farms provide the country with high quality food.


As a diverse, vertically integrated company, Cooper Farms consists of two divisions involving four locations, each with an important role.


The Live Animal Division is responsible for overseeing the care of our animals while they mature, and for manufacturing the feed that keeps our animals healthy and strong.  The Food Processing Division is responsible for the production and packaging of our high quality meats. All of our operations are located in Northwest and West Central Ohio - an area rich in agricultural tradition. 


Vertical integration allows Cooper Farms to ensure that our customers are receiving the highest quality products possible.


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