Carmelina ‘e…San Marzano and Carmelina Brands products are inspired by the Italian passion for fresh, simple, and high-quality ingredients.

Our tomatoes are grown under the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, where the fruit flourish in the Mediterranean climate, and the region’s nutrient rich, volcanic soil. Our Italian beans are sourced from growers mirroring our commitment to sustainable and fair trade practices.  It is our mission to source


andmanufacture clean, quality ingredients utilizing traditional artisan, fresh-pack preserving methods that have been in place for generations. These Old World processes eliminate the need or use of chemical preservatives, or additives in any of our products.Our line of all-natural tomatoes, Carmelina ‘e…San Marzano, bring the incredible flavor and richness of the Italian San Marzano tomato to North America. Our tomatoes are vine ripened to maturity, harvested only at their peak, and travel from field to factory in less than a few short hours to be packed in a simple tomato puree, nothing more.Like our tomatoes, Carmelina Brands Italian beans are all-natural, and high-quality. They’re preserved al dente to retain their shape and firmness, making them well suited for everything from salads, sautés, or even long simmered stews. Our beans are free from calcium chloride, citric acid, and EDTA.


What sets us apart? We are dedicated to producing the best quality preserved products, which means our products are:


  1. Imported from Italy

  2. All-natural and preservative-free; containing no added citric acid, calcium chloride, EDTA, or sugars

  3. Low-sodium – no added salt

  4. Non-GMO Project Verified

  5. Kosher

  6. 100% USDA Organic products available

  7. C-TPAT(Customs Trade Partners Against Terrorism) Validated

  8. Meet ISO, BRC, and HACCP standards for food safety and quality

  9. Tomatoes are vine ripened to maturity; beans grade “A”, firm “al dente” texture

  10. Consistent quality – manufactured and packed to our specifications


We have a complete line of tomatoes, Organic Tomatoes, Beans, Pizza Sauce, and Imported Italian Flour.