Since 1887, C.W. Brown Foods, Inc. has been manufacturing fresh sausage and other meat products in the beautiful Gloucester County town of Mount Royal in East Greenwich Township, NJ.


The Botto family acquired C.W. Brown in 1965 and immediately introduced its now famous Botto brand of genuine Italian sweet & hot sausage and meatballs. We continue to produce C.W. Brown's highly regarded original Breakfast Link Sausage.


Today, still 100% owned and operated by the Botto family, we produce our products in a state-of-the-art 25,000 square foot facility and have expanded distribution of our products in 22 states across the country.


Our distribution is in over 1,000 retail and club stores along with many popular casino resorts in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, Nevada and California.


Fresh Sausage, Meatballs and Case Ready Meats


QUALITY IN - QUALITY OUT is a mainstay at C.W. Brown Foods, Inc.


Freshness is our best kept secret. We never use any frozen meats in any of our products. Our suppliers deliver to us fresh boneless cuts of pork butts, hams, loins, picnic, bellies, and trim shortly after it has been cut and processed. All of our beef, pork and veal are raised only in the US, proving us a high quality of food safety standards.


Our practices utilize "old school" meat processing methods. All manufacturing including grinding, mixing and stuffing operations are performed in a stainless steel refrigerated room using all stainless equipment and tables. All equipment is specifically designed to give our sausage, meatballs and patties an eye-appealing color, exceptional product definition and exquisite tenderness.


Our patented formula of freshly ground seasonings has been blended for us by the same supplier since 1965 and guarantees consistency for each customer country-wide in anything we produce.


Beef and sausage patties and meatball forming, along with case-ready ground beef and pork production are performed in their own separate rooms ensuring adherence to our high quality standards.