Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery

For more than 25 years, we’ve focused on inspiring healthier living through healthier choices. Because we believe that lifestyle and nutrition are significant to people’s happiness. We contribute to the health and well-being of our customers by baking organic sprouted grain, non GMO breads that not only taste great but are also some of the healthiest available.

Our breads, bagels and buns are high in fibre and have a wholesome nutritional profile. Sprouting the grains before we bake them unlocks even more nutrients.

One Degree Organic

One Degree is redefining transparency and safe growing practices. All grains for its organic breads, cereals and flour are grown veganically, with no animal inputs. And its commitment to total transparency is just as bold and innovative.

On YouTube, smartphones and the Web, customers follow the company’s global ingredient safaris and get to know the many heroic farmers who make each healthy product possible. There is an intimacy and bond of trust created that few brands can match. At One Degree, “Every ingredient has a story.” One Degree offers total transparency, healthy ingredients, honest sourcing, and a strong commitment to sustainability and fair market practices.


Little Northern BakeHouse

The problem with most gluten-free bread is that it just doesn’t taste very good. It’s either too heavy or too dry and crumbly and often taste about as good as cardboard. But not at Little Northern Bakehouse!

Using only the finest quality, non-GMO Project verified ingredients, we employ all our skills and craftsmanship to bake Certified Gluten Free vegan breads that actually taste delicious. Which is why we’re becoming known as the small little bakery with the great big taste.